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SKF 2000VER V-ring seals

2000 VE R

Design  VE
Lip material  NBR
Shaft diameter range
Seal and abutment
d 1844mm
b1 32.5mm
b 65mm
c 30mm
2 x 24mm

D1 max. = d1 + 2 X

2 y 115mm

D min. = d1 + 2 Y

B1 50mm
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Verification code:

Hot number:NOK FD9991E1 NOK AE2230E0 NOK AE3409A0 NOK BM1279A0 NOK AB1377-E0 NOK AE2170-E0 NOK AD3290-E0 NOK CO0210-L NOK FU0274-H0 NOK CV1144-C0 NOK PE3972-A00H7 SKF 100x150x12HMSA10V SKF 38739 SKF 43x60x8CRW1R SKF 440x480x20HDS1R NOK CU2684Q0 NOK GS2303V0 NOK AB4588E0 NOK AE1012G0 NOK AE3519A7 NAK TC22*35*7 NAK TC40*60*8 NOK AB4498-E0 NOK CO0624-O0 NOK CU3325-D0 NOK FD2342-F0 SKF 12x22x6HMSA10V SKF 42x66x10HMS5V SKF 91323 SKF 79997

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