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SKF 480VER V-ring seals

480 VE R

Design  VE
Lip material  NBR
Shaft diameter range
Seal and abutment
d 468mm
b1 32.5mm
b 65mm
c 30mm
2 x 24mm

D1 max. = d1 + 2 X

2 y 115mm

D min. = d1 + 2 Y

B1 50mm
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Verification code:

Hot number:NOK GW0336P0 NOK AE2791A0 NOK AR3055E2 NAK TC32*65*10 NAK TC12*25*5 NOK AD3842-H1 NOK AG2965-A0 NOK CO0017-A NOK FU1598-F0 NOK FU0694-K0 NOK CU0631-D7 NOK GN4822-V0 SKF 150x170x12HMS5V SKF 22561 SKF 29841 NOK AR4663F5 NOK AD5138E0 NOK AM5888A0 NAK TC35*62*8 NAK TC50*58*4 NAK TC26*40*9 NOK AM5844-A0 NOK CO00318-A NOK CO0366-U3 NOK GN0602-A0 NOK FU1722-D0 NOK CP3078-A0 SKF 12x22x5HMSA10RG SKF 1600556 SKF 50x90x8CRW1V

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